Say Hi To The Daisies For Me.

dear God:
this poem is every nightly prayer i’ve skipped in the past two years.
i’m sorry it took so long, but i ran out of words.
you see, i got sick of loving solely in confessionals.
i got sick of praying as penance for every time a girl filled my stomach with butterflies.
the first time somebody didn’t love me because of who i was,
my mother told me to never speak to them again.
i looked at You and did the same thing.

dear God:
forgive me, Father, for i have sinned.
i am slothful. i am greedy. i’ve lusted. i’ve envied.
i’ve sent anonymous flowers to girls in my science class and written poetry about how their mouths feel on my skin.
one of these things is not like the other.
why was i never allowed to belong?

dear God:
there is a little white church down the road from my house.
when i drive past it late at night,
the lights inside flicker indecisively,
like You haven’t yet figured out whether or not
You will welcome me home.

hallowed be Thy name.  (via poppyflowerpoetry)
I guess
I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass (via monitormylife)


I saw a rose in a garden
Glistened with the morning dew
I picked it from its home
Due to its vibrant blushing hue

I admired the rose every day
And as the time did pass
I watched my rose grow tired
And die one night at last

If I am to ever find again
A beautiful rose glistened in dew
I will leave it in the garden
And smile as I think of you



We are all lonely
We search the streets
Like spirits
Seeking the warmth
Of others

The moonlit
Walkways of
Seeking beauty
To possess for the night

Just to exorcise
Ourselves from them
And wander like
Parasites of purgatory
Ever drawn to our next host



Born under the Air sign
Aquarius constellation
Where the water rushes
Pummeling off of the mountain side
Where it sprays into a fine mist
Cradled by the four winds
That is where I exist
In that atmospheric space
Void of solidity

A simile 7.23.14

You keep me waiting on the tip of my toes like the pitter patter of a child’s feet pacing across the floor until the day that they actually get to go to Disney World that their parents told them about months ago. You’re so excited yet so impatient that your good days turn into days that you don’t even want to be alive for because nothing seems as good as the day you get to finally be where you want to be. But in the meantime in all the mornings you have to wake up still in your bed and not at the Magical Kingdom, it feels like that day will never come and you contemplate if it was all just a lie. Somehow you manage to keep breathing and keep living just as if your parents never even told you about that Best Day Of Your Life planned in the future and it takes everything inside you not to bring it up in every conversation but you contain your words of excitement because you don’t want to jinx it. But the parents, see, the parents are just fine. Since the trip isn’t really for them, it’s really for you just to make you happy, they could wait an eternity and it would make no difference in their heartbeats. Because the simple plans they have made months ago weren’t written down in pen, only spoken to see that genuine smile get slapped across your face. But the thought for this day to them is incomparable to what this day means to you because the planners are never as excited for the planned event only planned in the first place for the person they are inviting as the person that gets invited. Some days the parents don’t even think about the place Where All Your Dreams Come True but you on the other hand think about it more than you blink and either your mind is going to explode or your eyes are going to dry up and you don’t want either of those things to happen because you actually want to enjoy the day you have slowly been dying for to feel alive again.

— Don’t keep me waiting like this child.

I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up.
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I will not write you
any poetry.

You will deserve it
most, and yet you will
be denied the pen in
my hand, the words
underneath the tongue
you know so well.

I will not put you
on paper.

This short-lived mess
of us will not live on
past the warm weather,
and still I hate to
think of you touching
her the way you
touched me.

I will not think of
you as anything but
a body.

I will not fall asleep
with the shape of
your heart clenched
in my palms. I will
not grind my teeth
against the words
I hear you undress.

I will not write you
any poetry.

the first boy i ever loved keeps texting me and i don’t know what to say to the ones who came after him, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)
Each time you
touch me, I
spark poetry.
he was nothing, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

i. I love you, deArly. You are the only person I’d take a bullet for. To me, I think you are God’s greatest gift and you give me reason to live even when I went through that period in time when I didn’t want to wake up from my naps. But you would wake me up when it was time for dinner so I thank you for that.

ii. We fight so much. There are so many bruises and so many scars, especially internally. I hope you know that even when we brawl, there is love here. Somewhere in you, soMewhere in me. And we both have problems showing it but it’s there, I promise.

iii. You are so strong. Or are you weak? You found love in someone else to block out the love that fell apart. And you sometimes wish someone woulD push you off a cliff so you don’t have to do it yourself. Cowardly, I’d say. But I understand, I truly do. Because if I were you, I’d probably been at the bottom of the pit by now.

iv. It’s hard to forM a bond that is not there. Slowly, I do one forming. A bridge is building and I will walk over soon. Maybe one day, we will see eye to eye but right now, working on walking together is alright with me.

v. You are so beautiful. I wonder if you see that when you look in the mirror. I envy that you don’t need makeup. I wonder if you Truly believe your own words when you compliment yourself, because it would break my heart if you didn’t. Because all of it is true. You are amazing and you are kind. You are goodhearted and your light burns brighter than the sun’s.

vi. When you look in the mirror you see extra weight and a face that needs foundation, mascAra, and a lot of fixing up. I’ve seen you without all of that and I still find you as radiant as the Covergirl commercial, if not - more. Believe in yourself, you don’t need to touch up your pictures and the acceptance of others. You are enough.

vii. I still contemplate whether or not to tell you that you are sometimes the fuel and without you, I don’t know if this engine could run. When I am out of breath, you hand me a bottle of water to keep me going. I think I can barely run a mile but you sign me up for a marathon because that is how Much you believe in me. Thank you.

viii. Sometimes I fear that if you were to ever come back, I might run. No away, but to you. I just can’t think Straight. As much as I like to act tough, you intimidate me. I’m not scared of many people but I’m scared of you. And it’s not because I think you’d hurt me physically, I just think you’re so manipulative and I won’t be smart enough to see through your act.

ix. Thank you foR some of the best moments of my life. One day, I hope I can write out everything you’ve made me feel since day one but at this moment, I want to keep it to myself. I still think about you often. I hope you think about me sometimes.

x. One day you are going to find soMeone who loves you more than you love life itself. And this person will make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. One day, you will see all the cities you fell in love with through photographs and meet people who resemble the characters in your favorite novels. One day, your dreams will come true.

10 Things, 10 People by M.D.L

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